Toru Fujimoto


actor, visual artist, didgeridoo player
born in 1982 Saitama, Japan
performer at Toru Nora Company

graduate of jewellery product design course at Hiko Mizuno Jewellery College Tokyo, Japan
bachelor in fine arts at Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, The Netherlands

He has finished his study in 2011. after that, he worked as a visual artist at visual art collective “Toru Nora” in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Cape Town, South Africa. Worked as a solo performing artist in Tokyo.
Former member of circus cabaret “Trash Cabaret” Cape Town, South Africa.
After some years of absent from Japan, he worked as a samurai actor for TV commercials and theaters in Tokyo.
He also plays music. He has been playing didgeridoo as a guest member for concerts in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico and Tokyo Japan. And he sings, plays drums, guitar and didgeridoo at an improvisation band in Amsterdam.
Besides the theatrical/musical activity, he learns Kenjutsu, Iai (traditional Japanese sword martial arts) and yoga (Watanabe studio) in Tokyo.
Currently He has been learning Kagura dance (traditional Japanese mask dance) and tries to bring inspirations and diversity to the mask plays in the Toru Nora Company.

藤本 透




2011年に上大学を卒業後、ヴィジュアルアート・コレクティブ「Toru Nora」としてアムステルダム、ケープタウン(南アフリカ)で活躍。個人ではパフォーミングアーティストとして東京にて活動。南アフリカではサーカスキャバレー「トラッシュキャバレー」のメンバーとして活躍。長期間の海外生活を経て帰国した日本では別名で俳優活動を試み、宣伝用映像の俳優や時代劇の舞台をこなす。