Nora Tinholt

nora 5 bw

theater maker, actress. visual artist
born in 1989 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
director and performer at Toru Nora Company

bachelor in fine arts at Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, The Netherlands

She has finished her study in 2011. after that, she worked as a visual artist at visual art collective “Toru Nora” in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Cape Town, South Africa.
She has done an Artist In Residence in Spain as a solo performing artist and performed in performing arts festivals.
She is a former member of circus cabaret “Trash Cabaret” Cape Town, South Africa.
After coming back from South Africa, She studied physical theater at post academic school LASSAAD Brussels, Belgium.
She also worked as an assistant for a costume and stage designer Dieuweke van Reij, and a theater project “Wijksafari” in Amsterdam.

Besides the theatrical activity, she sings, plays singing saw, mouth harp and guitar at an improvisation band in Amsterdam.
She also learns acroyoga and contact impro dance in Amsterdam.

Currently, she takes workshop of a theater company in France and brings wider perspective and depth into the theater plays of Toru Nora Company.

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2011年に上大学を卒業後、ヴィジュアルアート・コレクティブ「Toru Nora」としてアムステルダム、ケープタウン(南アフリカ)で活躍。
個人ではパフォーミングアーティストとしてスペインにてアーティスト・イン・レジデンスに招かれ、フェスティバルに参加。南アフリカではサーカスキャバレー「トラッシュキャバレー」のメンバーとして活躍。その後ベルギー、ブリュッセルの「LASSAAD」にてフィジカルシアターを学ぶ。オランダにてコスチューム、ステージデザイナーDieuweke van Reijのアシスタント、シアタープロジェクト「Wijksafari」にて働いた経験もあり。



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