Biserka Šuran


all-round producer, film director
born in 1989 Croatia (former Yugoslavia), living in Netherlands since 1991

producer, manager at Toru Nora Company

bachelor in documentary film directing at Netherlands filmacademie Amsterdam, The Netherlands
director of documentary film “Allez Viens” (2015)

She has been collaborating with Toru Nora visual art collective from the beginning of their career to document most of their works on film. Since Toru Nora Company is founded, she is practically involved and making the company happen.
She graduated from National Dutch Film Academy with a documentary film “Allez Viens” in 2015, the film has been presented at EYE Film Institute Netherlands.

‘My films are usually very personal and in someway directly related to my personal life; A good friend who hits her boyfriend, my own neighborhood in different parts of Amsterdam or my former high school teachers rebelling against the new management. I love to play with the reality without letting it go, finding beauty in ugliness and being straightforward but always with a twist.’





ドキュメンタリー映画「Allez Viens」(2015)監督

スーランは「Toru Nora」ヴィジュアルアート・コレクティブ初期の頃から映像撮影を通し作品制作に関わっている。そして「トルノラカンパニー」が設立されるにつれ、本格的に活動を共にする事になる。オランダ国立フィルムアカデミーの卒業作品でもある彼女の監督作品、ドキュメンタリー映画「Allez Viens」は、EYE映画博物館(アムステルダム)にて発表された。