about us:

-“We search for new ways of telling stories, stories without words. Image speaks the language in most of our plays and through research in movement and music, we base our characters and let them live.” –


film still from Rietveld TV episode 53, shot by Rogier Roeters


Toru Nora Company found its origin on the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where Nora and Toru, both students at the Fine Art department, started to collaborate.
Ever since their graduation in 2011, performance has been a big part of their repertoire and inspired by many travels, experiences and different schools, the performances evolved to become more technical and complex. With a background in visual art, their theater keep a strong visual character and come to life as installations, paintings and sculptures.

Another important aspect in their work is movement, inspired by methods of Lecoq, Feldenkrais, Philippe Genty and ancient Japanese cultures, that give movement to their images and life to their characters.
The performances are musically guided by the duo Ania Brzezinska and Hassie Dune, they compose their music to the movement of the performers and find their ways with instruments like the trumpet, n’goni, cuica and various percussion instruments.


Toru Nora Company/トルノラカンパニー 概略


photo by Joy Photography

2010年、藤本透(日本)とノラ・ティンホルト(オランダ)の二人はヴィジュアルアート・コラボレーション「Toru Nora」を結成。翌年2011年、共作パフォーマンス作品でリートフェルト・アカデミー(オランダ、アムステルダム)を卒業。