Ania Brzezinska


trumpetist, cuica player
born in Wroclaw, Poland in 1977
musician at Toru Nora Company

Bachelor in Jazz at Conservatory of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

-current activities in The Netherlands:
trumpetist at Bandgladish (world music)
trumpetist and percussionist at Nonac (experimental) Nonac
Brazilian percussionist at Bumba Amsterdam (samba)
side trumpetist at Zitakula (afrofunk)

In her late teens she started studying classical trumpet in College of Music in Poland.
Since 2003 is based in the Netherlands, where she followed jazz workshops with the Italian saxophone/flute player Peter Guidi. In 2007 she started the Conservatorium of Amsterdam, developing skills in improvisation.
In 2011 Ania got her bachelor degree in jazz performance.
She decided to continue her studies at the same conservatory until 2013. Studying Contemporary Music through Non-Western Techniques, she learned about Indian polyrhythms and polymeters.
Ania composes music and plays with different ensembles in Holland, Belgium, Italy, Poland and recently in Mexico, inspired not only by jazz and world music but by life in general.

“Through Adrienne van Melle-Hermans – a passionate peace activist whose life was taken after fighting cancer for four years – I learned how precious life is, and the people around us. It is so important to appreciate the smallest things that happen in our everyday life, to stay true to our nature and feelings. And all those values I try to express in my music.” – says Ania.

Through the years she studied with Ruud Breuls, Jan Oosthof, Jos Zwannenburg, took part in jazz workshops and private lessons with great trumpet players like Ambrose Akinmusire, Marco Tamburini, Ingrid Jensen, Terell Stafford and others.
Recently she returned from Mexico where she gave a trumpet workshop in Conservatory in Chiapas Tuxtla, and performed a lot with many different ensembles and styles of music.

Ania has been performing with various ensembles:
projects in Mexico: Morelli Electric Quartet, Afrobeat orchestra Dada Beat, Raices Duo, Sound Cristóbal sound system, Circular Project, Blanchinska duo, Drama Quintet
projects in The Netherlands: Tailcutters (afrobeat from Amsterdam), Redondo Musica (





十代後半よりポーランドの音楽学校にてトランペットを習い始める。2003年よりオランダを拠点とし、イタリア人サックス、フルート奏者Peter Guidiに師事。2007年にアムステルダム音楽院へ入学し、即興演奏を修練。2011年にジャズ科を卒業する。2013年まで同音楽院に在籍し、西洋以外の技術アプローチで現代音楽を修練する為、インドのポリリズムとポリメーターを学ぶ。

「長いガンとの闘病生活の末、命を落とした情熱的平和活動家Adrienne van Melle-Hermansに人の命の尊さを学んだ。日々日常の中のほんの小さな事柄を大切にする事、自然と感覚に従順である事、そして音楽を通じてその尊い全てを表現する事を。」とブルゼズィンスカは言う。

これまでにRuud Breuls, Jan Oosthof, Jos Zwannenburg,と共に学び、Ambrose Akinmusire, Marco Tamburini, Ingrid Jensen, Terell Staffordなどの偉大なトランペット奏者に師事をする。


Bandgladish (world music)
Nonac (experimental) Nonac
Bumba Amsterdam (samba)
Zitakula (afrofunk)

メキシコ:Morelli Electric Quartet, Afrobeat orchestra Dada Beat, Raices Duo, Sound Cristóbal sound system, Circular Project, Blanchinska duo, Drama Quintet
オランダ:: Tailcutters (afrobeat from Amsterdam), Redondo Musica (