Alexis Granados Vega


percussionist, musical artist
born in 1984 Mexico City D.F., Mexico
musical creator at Toru Nora Company

percussionist at percussion duet Bachatinbaraba (MX)

Her musical career started in Cuba, with studying music.
After that, she worked with many musicians in Mexico city, mostly within the experimental free jazz improvisation realm, playing and organizing music festivals..
She was co-colaborator and owner of Casa Gesualdo a homy musical forum in Mexico City.

She also traveled around the world taking workshops of Kristin Linklater, Ucranian theater company Maisternia Pisni, Michael Ormiston (harmonic chant) and others, participated in different theater and performance projects.
Currently she works with a Mexican percussionist Milo Tamez as a percussion duet Bachatinbaraba.
She also sings, plays piano synthesizers.

I aim for an integration of my musical world. Using colorful and vast range of elements to enrich the potential and experience between the audience and myself. Working with various artistic expressions such as drumming, dance, voice poetry, soundscape, musical narratives and ritual. Searching for a counterpoint between composition and improvisation. Defining music and art as mediums of self-discovery and self-evolution to create better, healthy and conscious life…





彼女の音楽キャリアはキューバに始まる。三年間キューバにて音楽を学んだ後、メキシコシティーの即興ジャズの分野にて数々のアーティストとコラボレートし、音楽フェスティバルにて運営、演奏をする。そして彼女は家庭的音楽フォーラムCasa Gesualdoを設立し、ゲスト奏者として活躍する。世界を旅し、Kristin Linklater, Ucranian theater company Maisternia Pisni, Michael Ormiston (harmonic chant)などのワークショップを受講し、数々のシアター、パフォーマンスプロジェクトに参加する。

昨今彼女はメキシコ人パーカッショニスト、Milo Tamezと共にパーカッションデュエット「Bachatinbaraba」を組み、サン・クリストバル・デ・ラス・カサス(メキシコ)にて活動している。