All Beneath Heaven

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#4 “All Beneath Heaven”

“I lost my dream last night. I have searched everywhere but I cannot find it. I remember I stored it somewhere safe, probably somewhere inside a box.”

This is the story about what continues to live inside boxes when you forgot what you stored inside them. They exist without you, with their own rules and their own language. This is the world behind forgotten memories, behind old postcards, secrets, telephone numbers or clothes you could not throw away, an instrument you once played or drawings of children you never met.

duration: 40 min


performed by:
Toru Fujimoto (JPN)
Nora Tinholt (NL)


music by:
Ania Brzezinska(PL)
Hassie Dune(NL)


lighting by:
Petra Eikelenboom(NL)


special musical thanks to:
Alexis Granados Vega(MX)



Toru Nora Company 2016




the picture archive of “The great adventure in the bath tub” presentation in AmsterdamIMG_3123 2015

“Adventures in the hot tub” created in Mexico 2015

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