theater productions

#4 “All Beneath Heaven”
all beneath heaven wide3

mask play: 40min

“I lost my dream last night. I have searched everywhere but I cannot find it. I remember I stored it somewhere safe, probably somewhere inside a box.”

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#1 “El Nino del Cielo”
elninodelcielo poster「エル・ニーニョ・デル・シエロ」

clown play: 20min.

 It all starts when a small airplane crashes. Fortunately there is somebody around to help out. Soon the pilot and the bystander are getting tangled up in a research to find ways to return to the sky. But of course this is not as easy as it seems….

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#3 “La hora del Té” 「ラ・オラ・デル・テ」
vlcsnap-2015-05-10-21h35m00s191 copy 2re

mask play: 17min

It is the birthday of an older lady, we see how she carefully prepares everything for the big event. When everything is ready she takes a look at the clock, the longer she waits the more it seems nobody is about to come… But then her friends arrive, in most unusual and unexpected shapes…

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#0 “Kenshiro” 「ケンシロウ」

comical fight: 5min

Inspired from a Japanese fighting manga comic “Hokuto no Ken”(北斗の拳).
Unstoppable spectacle fight between two outrageously strong figures.

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